For this child, I have prayed.

I used to pray. It was pretty generic at first. Repeated table prayers. Asking for things. Begging for solutions. For hope in times of despair. For things that were yet to come. One line has always stood out: “For this child, I have prayed.” It would be included in birth announcements, Ultrasound pictures, bringing home… Continue reading For this child, I have prayed.

Lamenting the Losses (Deuteronomy 1:24-33)

This sermon was given as a part of a summer sermon series on “Lamenting the Losses” This sermon talks about grief. Thoughts of the People: An excerpt from Susan Beaumont’s book, “How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You Are Going: Leading in a Liminal Season” Sacred Text: Deuteronomy 1:24-33 Leading Quote: “Humans have… Continue reading Lamenting the Losses (Deuteronomy 1:24-33)