Glimpses of the Unknown

I got to know death intimately from a distance when I worked as a chaplain at the hospitals in Minneapolis and Boston. I often would work in emergency/crisis situations, and more often than not, that situation included death. I’ve sat with many people on their deathbed, holding their hand, caressing their forehead, talking, singing, reciting… Continue reading Glimpses of the Unknown

Lamenting the Losses (Deuteronomy 1:24-33)

This sermon was given as a part of a summer sermon series on “Lamenting the Losses” This sermon talks about grief. Thoughts of the People: An excerpt from Susan Beaumont’s book, “How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You Are Going: Leading in a Liminal Season” Sacred Text: Deuteronomy 1:24-33 Leading Quote: “Humans have… Continue reading Lamenting the Losses (Deuteronomy 1:24-33)